About the FIH Pro League


The FIH Pro League is the ground-breaking, new, global hockey competition.

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Two leagues - one men’s and one women’s - each comprising the world's best teams will battle it out for glory. 128 matches will be staged around the world each season, culminating in a Grand Final in June in the Netherlands. It’s going to be action-packed, international rivalries will be at their fiercest and the hockey will be of the highest calibre.  

Great Britain’s women and men are competing in both leagues, with the former playing seven home matches in London and the latter eight. That means there are 15 opportunities to support your country, cheer on your national teams and help make us hard to beat on home turf.

Women's League nations:
Argentina • Australia • Belgium • China • Germany • Great Britain • Netherlands • New Zealand • USA

Men's League nations:
Argentina • Australia • Belgium • Germany • Great Britain • Netherlands • New Zealand • Spain

The full match schedule, including all of Great Britain’s matches, can be found here

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