Great Britain EDP Women In Action Against Australia at Southgate

A Great Britain Elite Development team consisting of EDP athletes, senior athletes and England U21 athletes played a travelling Australia U23 side this week at Southgate HC.

The games were an excellent opportunity for the athletes to play competitive matches against a very different style of hockey and to test themselves in a different environment.

Simon Letchford, Great Britain EDP Head Coach, commented: “The opportunity to play against age group sides of non-European nations does not present itself very often and therefore this series of games has been invaluable. Being able to expose 26 athletes to a different playing style and culture compared to those nations we play more regularly will have offered fantastic development opportunities for all. Additionally, the learning generated from within our own group with athletes as young as 18 playing alongside established senior internationals will have provided inspiration, motivation and education that will shape young athletes' development and, I hope, develop a hunger to progress within our sport.

In playing the series at Southgate HC, young athletes from both nations also had the opportunity to watch Pro League games at Lee Valley which, again, will only benefit their growth and development.

I would like to thank all at Southgate HC for their help, support and hospitality, which allowed for such a successful series to run as it did.”

Monday 10 June

Great Britain 4 – 2 Australia (Lottie Bingham, Betsan Thomas, Alice Atkinson, Lorna Mackenzie)

Tuesday 11 June

Great Britain 2 – 5 Australia (Scarlett Spavin x2)

Thursday 13 June

Great Britain 2 – 0 Australia (Meg Crowson, Jessica Dyson)