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Alex Danson

Alex was just 16 when she made her senior international debut in 2001, when she was also runner-up in the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year. A team regular, she was named in the FIH’s World All Stars Team 2011. Her goal helped England defeat Germany to win bronze at the 2010 World Cup. She won a bronze medal at London 2012, her second Olympics, where her and team mate Crista Cullen were joint top scorers. Danson also played a pivotal role in England's 2015 EuroHockey triumph. 
She loves keeping active and enjoys surfing, snowboarding, climbing and cycling. She has recently completed an OU degree and hopes to go into teaching, a career that ties in nicely with her work as an Athlete Mentor for Sky Sports Living for Sport and the Youth Sport Trust.

Date of birth:
Twitter account:
International Honours ShowHide
2016 Champions Trophy
2015 World League Semi Final
2015 EuroHockey Championships
2015 World League Final
2014 World Cup
2014 Commonwealth Games
2014 Champions Trophy
2014 Champions Trophy
2013 World League Semi Final
2013 EuroHockey Championships
2013 World League Final
2012 Olympic Games
2012 Champions Trophy
2011 Champions Trophy
2011 EuroHockey Championships
2010 Champions Trophy
2010 World Cup
2010 Commonwealth Games
2009 EuroHockey Championships
2009 Champions Trophy
2008 Olympic Games
2007 EuroHockey Championships
2007 Champions Challenge I
2006 World Cup
2006 Commonwealth Games
2005 EuroHockey Championships
2003 EuroHockey Championships
2002 World Cup
2002 Champions Challenge I
2015 World League Semi Final - Gold
2015 EuroHockey Championships - Gold
2014 Commonwealth Games - Silver
2013 EuroHockey Championships - Silver
2013 World League Final - Bronze
2012 Olympic Games - Bronze
2012 Champions Trophy - Silver
2011 EuroHockey Championships - Bronze
2010 Commonwealth Games - Bronze
2010 Champions Trophy - Bronze
2010 World Cup - Bronze
2009 EuroHockey Championships - Bronze
2007 EuroHockey Championships - Bronze
2007 Champions Challenge I - Bronze
2005 EuroHockey Championships - Bronze
2002 Champions Challenge I - Gold
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Senior Women
Current club:
Former club(s):
Alton, Trojans, Klein Zwitserland
Buryfields Infant School
Shirt number:
International Debut:
23rd October 2001
Most Memorable Acheivement:
Without question receiving my first Senior England cap on 23rd October 2001 in Germany, I was stood next to my club mate and very good friend Stephy Farmer and remember being the happiest person on the planet.
Train hard. Love what you do, because success is in the journey, not the destination.
Non-hockey hobbies:
I love surfing, snowboarding, climbing and cycling. My family and friends are the most important people on the planet and I love working on the Sky Sports Living for sport project with the Youth Sports Trust.
My sporting idol is...:
My mum and Ali Wakefield, neither famous but in my eyes everything I want to be in sport.
If I wasn't a hockey player I would be...:
a P.E teacher
I can't leave home without...:
My phone!
Favourite outfit:
Boardies and flip flops
Favourite shop:
Anything outdoorsy
My claim to fame is...:
I sang at Tim Henman's wedding when I was younger (I still can't sing!!)
Which stick do you use:
Adidas LX24
Do you have any superstitions / rituals before matches:
I always put my left shin pad on first and I always spin my stick 15 times before the start of the game. I always run my hand along the turf before a game starts. So, not many!
Favourite meal to cook:
I love beans on toast, but to cook...Bean burgers or Veggie Lasagna
Favourite pre-match meal::
Depends on the time of game...either cereal and toast or jacket potato and beans
Top fitness tip:
Set targets and then train with intent.
Shoes or Handbags:
Surf or Snow:
Attack or Defend:
Ice Cream or Chocolate:
Ice Cream
Night In or Night Out:
Night In
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