Covid-19 Information For Home GB Matches

GB v NZ M Celebration FIHPL 2019

  • Safety of spectators is our number one priority
  • GB Hockey will continue to monitor UK Government, DCMS and Sports Ground Safety Authority Guidance
  • Spectators must agree to adhere to ‘Code of Behaviour’ when attending GB Hockey matches
  • Increased hygiene measures and cleaning regimes on site
  • Details of all attendees to be collected at point of purchase
  • Some experiences, like ‘Play on the Pitch’ or autographs, may be limited or not happen
  • Opening matches against Germany in November will be played behind closed doors
  • In the event matches must be played behind closed doors with no spectators, ticket purchasers will receive a refund on their ticket purchase, excluding the booking fee
We hope you share our excitement for the return of FIH Hockey Pro League matches for Great Britain’s men and women but we understand some of you are nervous about returning to large scale spectator events due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rest assured; spectator safety is our number one priority. 

At all stages of planning for our events, GB Hockey will continue to monitor the UK Government, DCMS and SSGA Guidance where necessary and work closely with match-day delivery partners to ensure the environment is safe and enjoyable for spectators. 

While our matches in November 2020 will almost certainly be played behind closed doors, we hope that when you come cheer on GB Hockey in the spring and summer of 2021 our match days will be without any restrictions compared to normal and that you will have a fantastic experience of watching, playing, eating and being entertained. However, below outlines some of the measures we will or may take depending on the climate. This is not an exhaustive list.

Great Britain Hockey Fan

Refund Policy
In the event matches must be played behind closed doors with no spectators, then ticket purchasers will receive a refund on their ticket purchase, excluding the booking fee. You can view a full breakdown of ticket prices and booking fees here.

In the event matches can be played with only a reduced capacity of spectators and with social distancing measures in place, GB Hockey will advise ticket purchasers of next steps and a contingency plan.

Refund Guarantee

Social Distancing
GB Hockey plan to sell tickets for home FIH Hockey Pro League matches for a full stadium capacity. Should there be a requirement for social distancing to be implemented in stadia during May 2021, then a reduced stadium capacity will be required and further guidance for attendees will be issued. GB Hockey will advise ticket purchasers of next steps and a contingency plan.

Spectator Code of Behaviour
The safety of our spectators is number one priority on a match day. For 2021 matches, we have created a spectator code of behaviour which all ticket purchasers must read, agree and ‘opt in’ to prior to purchasing tickets. This can be read here. In short, we ask spectators who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, have been asked to self-isolate or are quarantining NOT to attend and whilst onsite adhere to the safety measures outlined. Ticket purchasers will be responsible for sharing this with their party and must agree on their behalf that this will be adhered to.

Test and Trace
In line with current DCMS guidance, GB Hockey will require the details of all attendees at the point of booking – this is part of the code of behaviour. Whilst we appreciate so far out from the match-day you may not know who is attending with you, we need these details to the best of your knowledge. Should details of booking parties change prior to the event, you should email All data collected will be kept securely for 21 days after the match day before being deleted in line with NHS test and trace guidance. England Hockey may be obliged to pass on your data to NHS Test and Trace. 

Increased signage on site
Where necessary, GB Hockey will have signage situated throughout and outside of the venue detailing any safety measures we have implement and wish spectators to adopt.

Increased Hygiene Facilities and Cleaning Regime
GB Hockey will work with match day delivery partners to ensure hygiene facilities are enhanced on site in all spectator zones, including hand washing/sanitiser stations, increased cleaning regimes in toilets and at catering and retail facilities. More details will be provided closer to the match day.

Great Britain Hockey Crowd

Fan Experiences on Site
We hope to be able to provide you a fantastic match day experience away from the pitch, including pre-match entertainment, hockey activities and autographs with the GB men’s and women’s teams. However, it is possible some of these experiences will be limited or removed if we deem this not safe.

Catering and Retail 
As on all GB Hockey match days, we work with our partners and suppliers to deliver a fantastic retail and catering experience. We will monitor the UK Government and DCMS Guidance and apply this to our catering and retail offer on match-days. This will likely include accepting contactless payment ONLY for catering and retail.

It is a venue policy that spectators will be permitted to bring in a small amount of food and drink consisting of up to; 1 x 500ml bottle of water per person in a clear branded unopened plastic bottle, and a maximum of two small items of food per person, such as a standard size bag of sweets, crisps, chocolate or cereal bar, a piece of fruit.

No alcohol, glass bottles or cans may be brought into the event venue. 

Exemption letters may be issued to spectators who have medical requirements related to their diet, please email

Entry/Exit Points and Circulation
GB Hockey will carefully consider the layout and number of entry/exit points to the venue and work with match-day delivery partners to ensure this is safe and in-line with UK Government and DCMS guidance. The same applies to circulation space and any queuing systems within spectator areas. 

As May 2021 is some time away and the advice, guidance and COVID-19 climate may be completely different; we have not gone into as much detail on some of the measures above. More information will come out in the following months leading up to the matches. We advise you to check back here regularly and if you have purchased tickets we will keep you updated with any developments.