Athlete Appearances

Maddie Hinch HockeyFest 2017
We know our athletes have the ability to inspire and motivate people across the nation and it is our aim to help you secure an athlete for your event, club or school.

Great Britain Hockey’s athlete appearance scheme aims to support community organisations promote hockey and build on participation, helping to create a nation where hockey matters.

GB Hockey has established a process to enable individuals to request an appearance in a fair and open manner. This process allows us to keep a performance focus for our squads whilst trying to fulfil the requests we have coming in. While we are committed to trying to fulfil as many requests as possible, due to the nature of the demands on our athletes, plus their commitments to the programme and their clubs, this is not always possible.

If you would like an appearance from an athlete there are several options available to you and these are all explained in the downloadable information sheet. There is also additional information on our website to help you to understand what to expect from an appearance, the week-in-the-life of an athlete and FAQs to assist you.

When you are ready to make an athlete appearance request, please click here for a standard request or for a specific athletes request please click here. Please make sure you have read our information sheet to ensure you apply for the correct appearance.

If your request is in relation to signed merchandise, please click here to be taken to the relevant information page.

If you still have any questions, please contact