How Can I Deliver Fun and Engaging Hockey Sessions


One of the biggest challenges that our clubs face is working out how to provide fun and engaging sessions for all the new members to take part in. The questions below reflect those that are regularly asked or provided as challenges, so we have aimed to provide some guidance and suggestions to help you work around these.

What are the best ways to provide sessions to increased membership of different ability levels?

Make it Fun and Engaging - No lines, laps or lectures!

Whoever you are coaching or delivering sessions to, it’s important to ensure it has the right ingredients.  Using the Golden Thread will ensure that your sessions are fun and engaging, whoever you are coaching.

Golden Thread

The most effective way of developing highly skilled players, keeping players coming back to your sessions and delivering fun and engaging sessions is through fun, game-like activities rather than repetitive drills. Games or game-like activity should be an essential focus of each session, rather than just played at the end.

We need a new coach, what should we be looking for in a coach?

Delivering fun, engaging and safe hockey sessions is the most important thing. This is the best way to keep children and adults coming back to your club sessions and enjoying all the experiences of playing and staying involved in hockey.

To do this, it’s important to understand what the players want in order to deliver a great experience for them and the below outlines the key headlines of what Children and Adults want from Hockey.


  • To feel involved
  • Have lots of touches of the ball, play small sided games
  • Scoring lots of goals, achieving tasks increase fun and enjoyment
  • Winning isn’t crucial, let everyone play
  • Simple rules


  • Positive & encouraging
  • Keeps social groups together
  • Fun rather than drills & skills
  • Lots of small sided games
  • Creating an enjoyable & relaxed atmosphere

The role of the coach/leader in delivering this experience is crucial and England Hockey have provided guidance on the what you need to deliver fun, engaging and safe sessions.

Where can our coaches and volunteers go to get additional support?

England Hockey have also launched The Hockey Hub which is full of video tips and hints. -

As a club, you can speak to your local Relationship Manager who can help you develop and inspire your coaches and volunteers.