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Meet the athletes who have travelled to Rio to try and bring home the gold for the GB men. Click on their photo to be taken to their full profile.

George Pinner GB
George Pinner; Goalkeeper; #1
Henry Weir GB
Henry Weir; Defender; #6
Ashley Jackson GB.jpg
Ashley Jackson; Midfielder; #7
Harry Martin GB
Harry Martin; Midfielder; #9
Alastair Brogdon GB
Alastair Brogdon; Midfielder; #11
Mikey Hoare GB
Mikey Hoare; Defender; #12
Sam Ward GB
Sam Ward; Forward; #13
Mark Gleghorne GB
Mark Gleghorne; Forward; #14
Adam Dixon GB
Adam Dixon; Midfielder; #16

Barry Middleton GB
Barry Middleton; Midfielder; #17

Nick Catlin GB
Nick Catlin; Midfielder; #26
Dan Fox GB
Dan Fox; Defender; #27
David Ames GB
David Ames; Midfielder; #30
Ian Sloan GB
Ian Sloan; Midfielder; #31

Iain Lewers GB
Iain Lewers; Defender, #24

David Condon GB

David Condon; Midfielder #22
Dan Shingles GB
Dan Shingles; Defender; #20
Simon Mantell GB
Simon Mantell; Forward; #8
James Bailey GB
James Bailey; Goalkeeper; #2

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