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Hockey Fest 2017 

HockeyFest 2017 sign up is now open! Get your club signed up to host a HockeyFest this summer. 

Why sign up?

This is the 3rd year we have run this campaign to help support hockey clubs across the country to show off how great the hockey family is to new people to the sport. 

89% of clubs saw a positive impact on their club
97% would take part in HockeyFest again
100% of new players surveyed have gone on to join their local hockey club
Each HockeyFest obtained on average 10 new players
Approximately 23, 500 players attended HockeyFest
Approximately 2, 223 new players

What is HockeyFest?

Hockey Fest is focused on the friendly and social side of hockey where clubs open their doors to new and existing hockey players. If you are feeling inspired from the summer of hockey then Hockey Fest is a perfect way to celebrate with club members and to welcome new players to your club. That can be from juniors to volunteering to parents coming back to the sport there is something for everyone. 

Supported by Notts Sports, HockeyFest is open to everyone and is a great opportunity for clubs to start the season off with bang and welcome new members showcasing how sociable our sport is. 

If you are new to the sport or coming back after some years out or looking for a sport for the whole family then find your nearest Hockey Fest and become part of the Hockey family!  

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