How GB Hockey Works

Barry Middleton 150th GB Cap Toshiba International 2018

Great Britain Hockey Limited (GBHL) is a company limited by guarantee, owned equally by the hockey associations of England, Scotland and Wales. GBHL is responsible for the development and administration of hockey in Great Britain related to the summer Olympic Games and the preparation, selection and performance of the men's and women's Great Britain hockey squads and their participation in the summer Olympic Games and other relevant tournaments.

Summary of Agreement
In view of the unique Olympic Games qualification process which applies to England, Scotland and Wales, as set by the IOC and agreed by FIH and BOA, for Great Britain hockey teams to participate  in the Olympic Games, England, Scotland, Wales and GBHL have agreed to sign the Great Britain Hockey Business and Performance Framework Agreement (Agreement) in order to regulate and establish a process for attempting to achieve the ultimate performance goal for hockey in Great Britain, Olympic Games success.  The following is a synopsis of the Agreement.

In order to fulfil its responsibilities, GBHL has decided to appoint England Hockey as the current nominated country in accordance with the terms of the Agreement for the current Olympic cycle. The nominated country will have full and complete responsibility to lead the delivery of the Great Britain hockey teams' business operations and performance objectives, to prepare the teams for the 2012 Olympic Games and to ensure the ‘primacy’ of Great Britain Hockey to the extent within its control and in the manner specified in the Agreement.

The other member associations (currently Wales and Scotland) have agreed to assist the nominated country in the performance of its obligations under the Agreement and ensure the ‘primacy’ of Great Britain Hockey to the extent within their control and in the manner specified in the Agreement.

The Agreement sets out clear processes for GBHL to follow in the appointment of the nominated country every four years and also contains provisions relating to the future role and constitution of GBHL, part of which is to review and monitor annually the business and performance obligations of the nominated country and also the performance of the other member associations in the context of their obligations within the Agreement. It will also undertake a major review after each Olympic Games.

Obligations in the agreement for the nominated country include the nomination of suitably qualified and experienced people to perform key roles (i.e. Great Britain Performance Director and Head Coaches for the men's and women's teams), the preparation of its own performance plan and assistance in delivery of a Great Britain performance plan, the entry into and management of funding arrangements with UK Sport and other funding activities relating to Great Britain hockey and the management of any commercial activities relating to Great Britain hockey and extensive reporting and management duties. The nominated country will also be responsible on behalf of GBHL to liaise and communicate with independent parties or consultants, such as representatives of UK Sport, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), the British Athletes Commission and the British Olympic Association (BOA).

The nominated country will be supported by the other member associations, whose own obligations under the Agreement include the preparation of their own performance plans and assistance in implementing the Great Britain performance plan.         

England, Scotland and Wales have agreed that the Board of GBHL shall be restructured and will consist of a nominated director from each of the three countries and three independent directors, with one of the independent directors acting as the President of GBHL. The agreed appointment processes and eligibility criteria for each of these roles are laid out in the Agreement and GBHL's constitutional documents have been revised accordingly. The GBHL President or his alternate (an independent director) will attend the nominated country board meetings.

England, Scotland and Wales have agreed that one of their key performance goals is securing Olympic Games success and they have each recognised the ‘primacy’ of GBHL's business and performance objectives which are designed to allow their athletes an opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games.  In creating this structure, which clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of GBHL, England, Scotland and Wales, each party to the agreement hopes to establish a strong platform to develop Great Britain hockey in order to achieve Olympic Games success.