Great Britain Women on the podium after winning bronze at London 2012
Black and white team photo

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Great Britain’s Olympic hockey history
Prior to 1948, England, Scotland and Wales’s men competed at the Olympic Games as individual home nations.  In Antwerp in 1908, the first year hockey was played the Olympic Games, England won gold, Wales won bronze and Scotland finished fourth.  England won gold again in 1920 in Antwerp but Scotland and Wales did not compete.  None of the home nations competed at the Olympic Games again until they came together as Great Britain for the 1948 Olympics in London. Women’s hockey was introduced to the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

1948 (London): Silver medal
1952 (Helsinki): Bronze medal
1956 (Melbourne): Fourth
1960 (Rome): Fourth
1964 (Tokyo): Ninth
1968 (Mexico City): 12th
1972 (Munich): Sixth
1976 (Montreal): Did not compete
1980 (Moscow): Did not compete
1984 (Los Angeles): Bronze medal
1988 (Seoul): Gold medal
1992 (Barcelona): Sixth
1996 (Atlanta): Seventh
2000 (Sydney): Sixth
2004 (Athens): Ninth
2008 (Beijing): Fifth
2012 (London): Fourth

1980 (Moscow): Did not compete
1984 (Los Angeles): Did not compete
1988 (Seoul): Fourth
1992 (Barcelona): Bronze medal
1996 (Atlanta): Fourth
2000 (Sydney): Eighth
2004 (Athens): Did not compete
2008 (Beijing): Sixth
2012 (London): Bronze