Ansley on FIHPL result, her goal and the role of the crowd

Giselle Ansley in the FIH Pro League for Great Britain's women
Goalscorer Giselle Ansley reflects on the first ever FIHPL home game in London....

On the result:
“I’m pleased to come away with two points rather than none, but obviously a bit disappointed we let a 1-0 lead slip. But credit to the girls who stood up in the shootout and finished it off for us.”

On her goal:
“I guess scoring is my job for the team so I should be scoring, that’s what I’m meant to be doing when I’m stood at the top of the circle! It always gives you a bit more confidence when the ball goes in and hopefully there’ll be plenty more of those to come.”

On the crowd:
“We come here after being on the road where there’s not really anyone cheering for you, then coming here there’s thousands of people and it makes a huge difference and gives you that extra bit of energy. It’s a proud moment being able to step out here in front of all those supporters today.”

Great Britain's women vs China in the FIH Pro League