Refined structure for FIH Pro League in 2020 and 2021

Great Britain's men celebrate against Argentina in the FIH Pro League

The FIH has outlined a refined structure for the FIH Pro League in 2020 and 2021.
Upon recommendation from the competing nations - including Great Britain - the format of the FIH Pro League match schedule has been tweaked, retaining the core principle of a global league, but halving the amount of travel time.
The league will now see teams play each other home and away in alternate years - so for example in 2020, Great Britain will be away to the Netherlands for a total of four matches (two women's games and two men's), then at home for four games in 2021. The new format is not dissimilar to the Six Nations in rugby union, but nations play each other twice instead of once.
India's men will be included in the men’s league from 2020 onwards.
England Hockey appreciates that amendments to the international calendar have a knock-on effect on the domestic game and we will be liaising with relevant stakeholders accordingly.
The first ever FIH Pro League is now in full flow in London, and the final day's play on June 23 sees hockey go to the Twickenham Stoop as both women's and men's teams take on New Zealand.