Sarah Wilson #BehindEveryGreatPlayer

Sarah Wilson umpire
Behind Every Great Player is about celebrating those support networks around you, encouraging you to play from picking you up when you are down to simply being your taxi service to get you to training. 

For umpires this is no different. Sarah Wilson, Scottish umpire and FIH female umpire of the year, two years on the trot has her mum Norma in the crowd supporting her at the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup. 

‘It is so special that this is so close to home, it is only a house flight its perfect for her to come down and support. It is amazing, it puts such a smile on my face as I know how proud she is of me and for her to be able to see me live in action it is really special.' 

Sarah shares how the support from her family and friends have really helped her to get where she is today; ‘For me it is a confidence thing I know my mum has seen me at my best and at my worst, she has been with me at my highest highs and also been there for my lowest lows, having that person know you well enough to be able to celebrate in your succeed and be there for you when you are doubting your own ability.’

Sarah Wilson and mum

Norma beams with pride as she talks about her daughter and her development from playing hockey in Scotland to being on the world stage umpiring the very best in the world.  

‘It’s just fantastic. The whole experience in watching her grow from being a player to starting an umpiring career and growing through it all into these big tournaments has been such a thrill and I’m so delighted for her, and so proud of her.

[On having a support network] 'It’s very important.  We have always been supportive. My other daughter plays hockey and sometimes I’ve had to go and watch her umpiring her sister and sending her off with a green card, which has been fantastic.

'It’s very important to be with them from a very early time in their blossoming career – whether it be playing or umpiring, it’s just been fantastic.'