GB Charity Match for Ben Rawson

GB Ben Rawson

Great Britain’s men head to Brooklands Hockey Club in Manchester tonight to play a charity match to raise money for and support Ben Rawson.

Ben was diagnosed with cancer and as part of his treatment had to have his leg amputated and money is being raised towards a prosthetic leg with would hopefully allow him to return to playing hockey and an active lifestyle.

The squad are coaching young players during the day before taking on a Northern Invitational XI  in front of a sell-out crowd with all proceeds going to Ben’s cause. You can donate here and watch the match this evening from 7pm here.

Speaking ahead of the game, Great Britain and England head coach Bobby Crutchley said: “We first heard about Ben from social media and some of the guys spoke about it. Then we thought about what we could do as a national team to help and quite quickly we came up with the idea that we would play this game and support.

“It gives us the opportunity to play a match and visit a part of the country we don’t get to very much so that is exciting as well. Thanks to Brooklands and their chairman George Buchan who has done pretty much all the hard work. When I asked him before after Christmas if it would be possible to help put on this game and they have been brilliant and managed to do so. 
“The squad are really excited and looking forward to it. They are very conscious about good causes and how we can make a difference. Seeing a situation where you have got a young hockey player in really difficult circumstances it really jumped off the page for us.

“We have got a lot of young hockey men who could have been in a similar situation – fortunately they are not – but if we can do a little but to help that will be great.”