GB men ditching the razors in the name of charity

Movember 2017
While they may appear serious on the pitch, Great Britain men are also proving they also have plenty of fun off it as they take part in Movember 2017.

Mikey Hoare, George Pinner, Sam Ward, Chris Grassick, Harry Martin, Dan Kyriakides, Adam Dixon, James Albery, David Condon, Chris Griffith and Jonty Griffiths – as well as assistant coach Russell Garcia -  have also chosen to 'Grow a Mo’ to raise money for men’s health.

The tradition of growing a moustache for the Movember Foundation has become a common sight across the world over the past few years, in particular amongst athletes - New Zealand’s ‘All Blacks’ and Australia’s cricketers regularly sport their own variations.

The hockey stars have already raised £1,591 at the time of writing - more than three times their initial target of £500 - to help raise awareness of issues that Pinner and his team-mates take very seriously.

The England and GB goalkeeper said: “It is obviously a fantastic cause, not just for men’s physical health but mental health as well. 

“It has been a popular topic in the press about the mental pressure we as athletes can go under. So that was big for us about the mental health as well as the physical side as well. 

“Mikey Hoare suggested it and, although I have done a bit more of the admin, in fairness he has raised an incredible amount and so have the other guys. 

“We have a week of growth to go and another week and a half for people to donate. It is a fantastic cause and we are glad to get behind as a group and we have had a good laugh along the way as well.”

The players have certainly received plenty of feedback about their efforts both from their team-mates and on social media, with Pinner suggesting that some efforts had been much more successful than others.

“Last week ‘Italian’ was the feedback I got, as well as ‘slight RAF bomber’,” he said.

“Adam Dixon has a great one – his comes very naturally as a sheriff. Dave Condon is another top effort and Harry Martin with his little round glasses looks like a professor from some kind of Indiana Jones film. 

“There have been some really good ones and then there is Sam Ward and Albery who are really trying their best but are not making much progress!”

With six days of the month remaining there is still plenty of time to show your support to our athletes. Click here for more information on the Movember Foundation. 

For more information on the team’s efforts click here or check out their individual Twitter and Instagram pages.