Great Britain goalkeeper Kirsty Mackay shares all as part of goalkeeper week

Kirsty Mackay GB
We caught up with Rio Olympian and East Grinstead goalkeeper Kirsty Mackay as part of goalkeeper week! 

How did you get into goalkeeping?

I was a keen footballer playing at Blackburn Rovers School of Excellence and my PE teacher thought skills would be transferable; it was one of the only sports I hadn't played before. Purely because when we played it at primary school, I had no interest in it.

What is your favourite memory playing in a England or Great Britain shirt?

Luciana Paula Aymars (retired Argentina player who won the FIH Player of the Year 8 times) last tournament at the Champions Trophy in 2015. Crowds were awesome and great to play in one of world’s best players ever let games. The atmosphere was amazing.

Your top tip for any aspiring keeper? 

Stay balanced and just watch the ball, sounds simple, but it's amazing how you can react on other 'noise' such as body/stick movements and anticipate rather than focusing in on the actual ball.

If you played outfield what position would you play and who would you fancy from outfield players in goal from the national sides? 

Forward! There is a forward in every GK! And I reckon Unsy! (Laura Unsworth) 

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