The Hockey Paper has now launched!

The Hockey Paper

The Hockey Paper has now launched, marking a vey exciting step forward for hockey in this country!

This weekly publication has now hit the shops, priced at £1.50 and available at newsagents and supermarkets in both England and Wales. With 32 pages, it's the first dedicated newspaper to hockey, covering the Men's and Women's Premier Divisions, with extensive round-ups of the six conferences.

They will also report on hockey action throughout Europe and the wider world along with big interviews with star players, special features on grass roots, universities and schools.

The publication is led by Greenways Publishing, who also produce The Golf Paper, The Rugby Paper, The Football League Paper and many more besides. Although it is not officially affiliated to England or GB Hockey, we are excited to see the paper launch and look forward to helping it thrive for the good of our sport.

Fronted by former Telegraph correspondent Rod Gilmour, The Hockey Paper will feature renowned columnists such as Simon Mason, Nick Irvine, Beckie Middleton and Todd Williams.

Editor-in-chief David Emery said: "This is a thrilling time for hockey fans in the UK after the success in the Rio Olympics. We believe The Hockey Paper can tap into that interest and reflect the ever-growing status of the game."

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If you don't see it near to you, make sure you ask your local newsagent and they will be able to source it for you.