"This is my sport and right now we are the best at it."

Gb celebrate winning Olympic gold

“London 2012 was all about legacy - that's one of the reasons the city was awarded the games - but after a peak in the uptake of many sports, participation fell away. What would Rio give back?”

That was the question asked by Sky Sports’ Jane Dougall in her post Olympic blog on the Sportswomen section of the Sky Sports website. As well as being a presenter of some repute and a staunch advocate of women’s sport, Dougall is also a hockey player, meaning the legacy of the gold medal this summer is a subject close to her heart as a journalist and as a fan of the sport.

Sky’s Sportswomen show hosted nine of the Great Britain golden girls whereupon Dougall asked them questions ranging from the experience of the Olympic final itself right through to what this means for the sport as a whole.

In the video interview a recurring theme of each of the players’ answers is that of legacy. Be the difference, create history and inspire the future. Is a mantra that is oft repeated by the group and they have each played their role in doing that, appearing with their medals up and down the country in schools and hockey clubs seemingly everywhere.

“Since we've been back the support and messages have been incredible.” says Hollie Webb, scorer of the all important winner in the shootout. “People have been asking how they can get involved in hockey. Lots of different events have been happening all over the country, including HockeyFest, an initiative run by England Hockey. For us it’s one of the most important things to get people into the sport and get it noticed. The more the better.”

Legacy is a point Dougall is keen to stress in her blog piece, commenting that “attention is fleeting” and that now is the time to showcase hockey. She sums up with a line that we should all bear in mind: "This is my sport and right now we are the best at it."

If that thought isn't inspiring, we don't know what is!

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