Sam Quek and Kate Richardson-Walsh speak to the BBC

Quek and KRW celebrate Olympic gold

"I've had the best month of my life so far since winning the Olympic gold." beams Sam Quek as she talks to BBC Sport on Facebook live.

"The response has been overwhelming but I'm also keen to keep hockey in the spotlight as much as we can and hopefully keep inspiring people to start playing."

Quek and captain Kate Richardson-Walsh broadcast to over 50,000 viewers on the BBC's Facebook live, offering plenty of insight into what makes the team tick, each player's best qualities and some slightly more, shall we say, "off the wall" questions.

Pressed to name each other's best playing qualities, the plaudits flowed with Quek describing Richardson-Walsh's ability to pick a long pass as "on point" saying the skipper "sees passes other people don't see." Richardson-Walsh paid homage to her teammate too, describing the No13 as a defender you "don't want to play against", further praising her determination, will to win and aggression on the pitch.

Of course hockey wasn't the only topic on the agenda with favourite animal, favourite holiday destination and alternate careers all coming up.

With this week being Women's Sport Week, Richardson-Walsh urged women and young girls everywhere to take advantage of the opportunities sport gives them:

"You'd be surprised. You can find a place to fit in. We embrace and bring out each other's individuality. We want to win games of course, but we also want each member of the team to be themselves."

So with that in mind, why not give sport a go? You'd be amazed what it could give you. Maybe even an Olympic gold medal!  

You can watch the full Facebook live below.