Helen Richardson-Walsh inspiring the nation

Helen Richardson Walsh celebrates 480

Team GB arrived back into the UK at lunchtime with hundreds of fans welcoming them home at Heathrow airport. Gold medalist Helen Richardson-Walsh was in shock over the reception the team got from the fans. 

‘Coming back to this is just is incredible. I can’t actually quite comprehend what is happening right now.’ Helen shares with us in disbelief.

‘When we set out on this journey a few years ago we created our vision. Be the difference, create history and inspire the future. And from what I am seeing it looks like we are inspiring the future and that’s just fantastic for the game. I have just been told by some guy that he has gone down to his local club and it was full! They can take any more players, it is just incredible!’

When creating the vision it went on for quite a while; ‘It took a long time as we had to get it right and I think we have just done that.’

Her top tips to any kid that is inspired the games is to just go out and do it. ‘If you want to get one of these (gold medal) then you are going to have to work really hard. Ultimately just start and enjoy it, make sure you have some fun. Even if you don’t get to the elite level sport can improve your life, in so many ways.’

If you have been inspired to play you can find your nearest club www.greatbritainhockey.co.uk/playhockey