HockeyFest in Manchester a roaring success


Over the weekend we had 200 hockey players battle the wind and rain in Manchester for the final Hockey Fest on Tour event, with the chat of the town being the women’s Olympic gold medal.

Hannah, Lesley and Harriet from Manchester Moss Park hockey club were beaming with pride over Great Britain’s gold medal.

‘Hockey is such a great team sport and it really shone through as it was a team effort that won it. It is just fantastic!’ they all shared.

They all got into hockey at different stages of their lives. Hannah and Lesley both got into it at school with Lesley being taught by Kate Richardson-Walsh mother, Barbra Walsh at her school. Harriet played a little at school but had a fear that she wasn’t going to be good enough for the university team. After graduating she got involved in Moss Parks Back to Hockey sessions.

These women weren’t the only ones who shared their thoughts with us, see the video below including some wonderful chants from Oldham hockey club! 

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