Sevenoaks inspiring families to play hockey

Rio torch
European Hockey Club of the Year Sevenoaks welcomed the community to their Hockey Fest at the weekend which featured the Rio 2016 Olympic torch to help inspire the local community. 

We spoke to new member Nic who has just taken up the sport after two of her 4 young boys playing. In contrast we chatted to Peter and his family have been involved in the club for over 20 years and he is now giving back as president of the junior section of the club. 

Nic Webster and son, Riley

mum and son

Nic Webster has four sons all under the age of 12, two of who play at the club. 
She decided to get back into the sport last season at the Back To Hockey sessions Sevenoaks were running; ‘I saw it as a way to get fit and understand the game a bit more. Last time I played it was on grass! It is a great way to meet new people who are all lovely. I am still working on how I find the time with four boys, aged 12, 9, 4 and 2.’

‘I can help and understand what my boys are doing when they play and I now understand how hard it is out on the pitch, looking really tired – I have sympathy. The boys started out in rugby and football but actually it wasn’t for them but they weren’t that in to it. It’s nice for boys as it is a 50/50 sport with girls. They also swim and cycle and currently entering triathlons - So they are very active!

‘Sevenoaks is a great club; it has a very strong community feel which is exactly what you want for a family.’  Her husband works in marketing and one of his clients ran with the Rio 2016 torch which he brought to Sevenoaks Hockey Fest to help inspire the juniors! Both parents help manage one of the junior teams at trainings and matches, volunteering their time to help the club. 

Peter Baker and son, Chris  

dad and son

‘I have been President of the junior section for 3 years but it is Jackie Hudson who does all the work, I just support her where I can! I have been involved with the club for 23 years, as my twin sons started in the junior section when they were 4 and worked their way up the ranks that now play for the first team. 

‘I got involved with hockey because I couldn’t play rugby! It is a great team sport which is critically important. It’s great that both sexes play and also the social element, in my job (doctor) I have moved 6 times since university and all you do is join a local club and you have a ready made social group. You can play into vets if you like too; our oldest player is 66 and features in the 4th team.’ 

‘The Junior section is one of the great things about the club, we used to have only 200 something and now we have 560 kids and more volunteers we can think of which is fantastic! Who are mainly the kids parents which is always great to have.’ 

sevenoaks hockey fest

Hockey is the perfect sport for the whole family to get involved; Hockey Fest is all about having fun and being social - find your nearest Hockey Fest via our Great Britain website here.