Playing in America

USA players

Meet Daphne, Fran, Becky and Dulcie who all played in the USA whilst studying at University. We chatted to them about how they got into hockey and the differences playing out in America to the UK.

Fran, 21 is at Stanford University, explained how the opportunity came about; ‘We were all part of the England age group setup and were offered this opportunity and felt it was too good to turn down. It is something different to play and study hockey in a completely different place.

‘It is a really short season of 3 months which is intense as hockey takes over your life which can be a challenge with your studies. With it being such a short season, there is a big focus on athleticism and you're training 6 days a week in the build-up.

‘We live on the West coast so we have to travel at least every other weekend to the East coast which is at least a 6 hour flight and time difference. We got some good air miles!

‘The social side in England is very different to America, here in the UK it is very fun and you have events like this. (Hockey Fest) They don’t play very much hockey out there, it is more of a college sport and then you don’t play after that. A lot of kids out in America start playing in high school to help them get into college; there isn’t the same legacy behind it.'

Becky and Fran both got into hockey through their family, who all played whereas Dulcie was encouraged by her PE teacher to go to a club and give it a go.

Dulcie loves the dynamics of the game; ‘Hockey is getting faster and very social. I have such a good time when I play and love the culture of the sport. It is very much a family sport.’

Daphne loves the team element of the game; ‘There is no reason to have 11 amazing individuals on the field, if it doesn’t work as a team you won’t succeed. You are forced to have team chemistry and get along.’

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