Why we're excited about Rio 2016!

Lily Owsley takes on the Australians

You shouldn’t need any encouragement to be excited about our teams being in action at the Olympic Games, but just in case, here are a few pointers to pique your interest as the tournament enters a crucial phase.

1. The GB Women are top of their pool.

The Olympic Games is a very tough tournament, so two wins from two is not to be sneezed at. Our girls have made an impressive start to the competition bagging five goals in two games and beating India and old foes Australia. They were two very different games, but two impressive displays. That’s worth your support, surely?

Nick Catlin celebrates

2. Our Men are right in the mix too.

The Belgium game wasn’t the start we wanted, but that doesn’t mean the men are out of the running by any means. The pool standings are very close and a positive result tonight gives Bobby’s boys a bit of momentum heading into their final two high class, high quality encounters with Australia and Spain. It’s going to be an exciting few games.

3. Our teams are scoring some lovely goals

Like this one and these ones either of these and of course Giselle’s was nice too!

4. It’s a great time to talk hockey

We’re sure you all have non-hockey fans in your family or your workplace or school. We’re sure there are people who look blankly at you when you start talking about hockey. It’s frustrating, right? The great thing about the Olympics is that it makes fans out of everyone. Whether it’s getting up at stupid times to watch a swimmer win gold or watching on captivated as a horse dances on some sand (seriously, that is  a sight to behold!), the British public love to get behind our athletes in any sport. This is your chance to talk about hockey to everyone everywhere. We suggest you take it whilst it’s there. Who knows? They might become as big a hockey fan as you, too!

5. The games are great to watch

Germany nabbed a winner against India with seconds left on the clock. Spain did it to New Zealand, too. Belgium smashed a lot of goals past Brazil, our girls beat Australia, USA look formidable and so the list goes on. The fact remains there are plots and subplots popping up all over the place. The Olympics is the best players playing the best hockey and it is rarely dull. We intend to soak up every second of it!  

What's caught your attention out in Rio? what has got you off your seat and had you dancing round the living room? tweet us and let us know!

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