Sevenoaks get ready for Hockey Fest


On Sunday 14th of August Sevenoaks Hockey Club will be launching this summer’s Hockey Fest campaign; we had a chat with the organisers to see how they are getting on. 

sevenoaks pitch planning

Firstly they set up an organising committee made up of volunteers who mainly liaise via email with the occasional meeting due to work and family commitments. Next Jacqui Hudson, Junior Chair and Duncan Parnis, head of coaching scoped out the venue to get an idea of any extra activities that can take part on site to make their HockeyFest extra special! 

sevenoaks designer
Hockey Fest 2016 sevenoaks

They have recruited volunteers across the club to help put Hockey Fest together. For example Toby Stewart, designed their HockeyFest poster.

Oaksy mascot

Sevenoaks mascot Oaksy hit the high street spreading the word of HockeyFest, meeting families and handing out the flyer. He even popped into the local Tesco to put the poster up and meet the local community. 

Sevenoaks clubhouse

They are lucky enough to have their own clubhouse called The Vine where they will be planning to show the Rio Olympic Hockey matches.

speed cage hockey fest

Media officer Michelle has recruited her husband to help out for the day. ‘My husband Billy is helping with the speed gun on the day and has cleverly crafted a excel word spread sheet which will record every bit of data for anyone taking part!’

Let us know how you are preparing for you #HockeyFest via @_GBHockey. 

You can find more information about Hockey Fest 2016 here.