Hockey Makers in Rio

HM in Rio
'A volunteer is defined as a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.' 

Volunteers are an essential part to making our events happen. From being a team liaison officer to spectator services to media support we couldn't put on our events with out our Hockey Makers.

Some of these volunteers have gone one step further and travelled halfway across the world to be part of the Rio Olympics. We chatted to Zoe, one of the volunteers before she jetted over. We also share with you a few pictures of their adventure so far!

Zoe Hainsworth

zoe hockey maker

Occupation when not a Hockey Maker!


Rio Volunteer position 

Hockey Field of play team member - The role involves making sure that the playing area is fully prepped and watered for matches and team training sessions.

Hockey Club 

Bromley and Beckenham

How did you become a hockey maker?

My first event as a hockey maker was the Investec London Cup in 2014. I had only taken up hockey a couple months before London 2012, and being at the women’s final made me want to get involved in the sport more. So after seeing a tweet on social media I signed up to volunteer with England Hockey in the fun zone and have never looked back since!

What are you most excited for about Rio?

I’m most excited about being involved in the greatest sporting event in the world! Being in London as a spectator was unbelievable, but to be able to say that I have been a part of a world class event will be incredible!

Why volunteer in sport?

Volunteering in sport not only allows me to give something back to your sport, but is also incredibly rewarding in itself! Volunteering has allowed me to meet so many like minded people who share my same passion for sport, in turn creating lifelong friendships and memories that I will never forget!

HM in Rio 2

The Hockey Makers taking a stroll down Barros beach 

You can see what they get up to out in Rio via their facebook page. 

If you would like to volunteer a bit closer to home you can sign up to become a Hockey Maker here. Next year we will be hosting the men's World League, a World Cup qualifier in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In 2018 we will be hosting the Women's World Cup in London - so plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and be part of a major event!