When Usain Bolt met Great Britain hockey!

Gb women's players with Usain Bolt

Imagine your excitement when you're about to set off for the Olympic games from London. Well, our Great Britain women's team were already on cloud nine when departing from Heathrow on Wednesday morning, so picture how they felt when bumping into Olympic superstar Usain Bolt!

They spotted the legendary sprinter at the airport, and it was literally a dream come true for Maddie Hinch, who recently told the BBC that the number one person she'd like to meet is Usain - and now her dream has come true! Crista Cullen, Giselle Ansley and Nicola White were also equalliy delighted to be pictured alongside Usain.

The photo quickly became one of the most-liked images on our official Facebook page, and let's hope it's the start of a dream few weeks for our teams.