Brogdon & Cullen on the importance of compression

With Rio just around the corner, our athletes are continuing to look for every possible advantage in the pursuit of Olympic glory. Our compression partner 2XU are crucial to an athlete's success, and Alastair Brogdon & Crista Cullen have spoken of 2XU's importance.

Alastair Brogdon - GB Men's Olympian
During our busy training and competition schedule our recovery is paramount to ensure that we are getting the most from our bodies on a daily basis. Our training is high intensity, physically demanding work both in the gym and out on the hockey pitch and when you're preparing for an Olympics you want to know that you’re delivering everything possible to make any marginal gains.

In competition and especially in tournament hockey we’re required to play a high number of matches in a fairly short period of time, and this couldn’t be more evident than at the Olympics when we are due to play 8 matches in just 13 days. To be in the best shape possible every day we have a number of recovery strategies, one of which are the 2XU recovery compression tights. They are a really convenient and comfortable garment to wear straight after our matches which allows us to get the recovery process going almost instantly. By wearing the compression tights it speeds up that recovery, whist helping to reduce fatigue and any muscle soreness during the limited time we have in between games.

Crista Cullen - GB Women's Olympian
As elite athletes the support from 2XU through their compression tights enables us to train at the level that is asked of us, and required in gruelling training & a match filled programme in the build up to an Olympic Games.

We are always looking to make marginal gains and post-training recovery is key in this department. The 2XU compression products which they support us with ensure that in the following days/weeks commitments can be adhered to, giving my muscles that extra assistance in blood flow and support to enable me to keep coming back at a high level.

As in other tournaments, but now especially in the Olympic Games competition with 8 matches in 13 days, recovery will play a huge part in consistency of performance and therefore the 2XU products will come into their own.