Flyerz Festival takes to the stage at the Hockey Champions Trophy

flyerz festival

This morning England hockey held a Flyerz Festival at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis centre featuring players from St Albans, Wapping, Waltham Forest and Braintree hockey clubs.

Flyerz is a project that was set up a few years ago to create opportunities for adults and children with learning difficulties to play hockey.

Adult participation manager Bev Blackburn said; “It’s brilliant that the project can be a part of the Hockey Champions Trophy. It’s great to show how inclusive our sport really is and hosting festivals like this one can only help us grow the flyerz project. We want to create an atmosphere that is social, fun and welcoming for the players.”

Waltham Forest was one of the first clubs to pick up this project and really make it their own.

Forest Flyerz

Hannah Dobbin from Forest Flyerz is a volunteer who helps out with the Forest Flyerz;

“Waltham Forest hockey club recognised that it wanted to be more inclusive so we set up a disability session for youths and adults. No one what was sure how it was going to go but, that’s the thing with Flyerz, you just set up and give it go. We started with two participants and now we have 20 on the books and it’s great to see so many other clubs are setting up Flyerz sessions across the country. This is amazing to be playing here!”

Shane Crowe from Forest Flyerz has been part of the club from the beginning and is now coaching and captaining the side, he also plays in the men’s side of the club too.

“Today I have been awarded Young sports leader award. I play for the men’s otter’s team but hoping to go up next season. I love the adrenalin when I play hockey. At the moment I play in the centre midfield but looking to push up front and score some goals next season. My sister plays with Forest Flyerz and my dad plays in goal for Waltham Forest so we are very much a hockey family!”

Amy Waring who plays hockey at Loughborough University suffers from mild cerebral palsy but has been playing hockey for years. Today she brought her brother and sister along to give hockey ago. 

“I play hockey but I brought my brother and sister along who are on the autistic spectrum who haven’t played before. I have always tried to get them to participate but it can be quite difficult to join a mainstream club. I heard about this festival and thought it is something they can join in and have some fun. I know they want to give hockey a go but finding the opportunities can be challenging. Today has been great fun!”

For more information on Flyerz hockey click here.