There’s no place like home


The Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is fast becoming an iconic home of hockey in this country. The legacy of London 2012 still lives on in the area and with both domestic and international matches taking place at the venue there have already been plenty of magic moments.

With the Hockey Champions Trophy almost upon us, the best players in the world are soon to step out onto the hallowed blue turf to find out who is the best of the best. Both Great Britain men and women take part in the competition and your support for the home players could make all the difference.

“It’s unbelievable. Without a doubt, my favourite place to play in the world. It makes a massive difference playing with a home crowd and the Europeans in the summer proved that.” Says Great Britain star Lily Owsley. “It’s our home. It's our turf. Anyone that comes and tries to take us on needs to bring all they’ve got. With the crowd behind us we always believe we can win.”

It is not just Owsley who likes the legacy venue. Ashley Jackson, the all time leading scorer for England and Great Britain, who has played all around the world, is a fan, too:

“It's brilliant. It's been absolutely rammed over the last few months with cup finals, schools competitions and all kinds of different finals. A whole array of ages and abilities get to play on what is the new home of English and British hockey. It does build a buzz. It is an exciting place to be, and we've always got good crowds when we're there. Let's hope that continues.”

Ashley Jackson in action for Great Britain 2015

Final word on the matter has to go to Maddie Hinch, who made one of her career highlights at the EuroHockey Championships on that same pitch last summer:

“Lee Valley is without doubt one of the best places I've played because of the home crowd element that comes with it. The Europeans last summer, I've never experienced anything like it. The atmosphere was incredible. Now we've put on a few big events, the crowds coming in will just get bigger and bigger. It's exciting to think what we have lined up in the future what those experiences might be like.”

What are you waiting for?! Make sure you’re there to roar on Great Britain this summer at the Hockey Champions Trophy. Your country needs your support!