GB beat NZL in warm-up game

Women's team at village 450

After moving into the Athlete's Village yesterday, GB women have beaten New Zealand 2 - 1 in a practice game at the Riverbank Arena.

Alex Danson (F)
Crista Cullen (PC)


GB got off to a flying start in their last match before they open their Olympic campagin against Japan on Sunday 29th July at 19:00. Reading's Alex Danson opened the scoring inside 10 minutes. Some great work down the right hand line from Sarah Thomas resulted in a pass across the circle into Danson, who swept the ball past the Kiwi keeper to make it 1- 0.

The match was played in three periods of 20 minutes, with Leicester's Crista Cullen scoring a trade mark drag flick in the second third to double GB's lead. New Zealand did hit back in the final period but with only 10 minutes to go, they were unable to penetrate the GB back line again.   

Speaking after the game, Great Britian Team Manager Hilary Rose said "this was a training game for us with just a few days to go before we play Japan and we achieved what we wanted with a 2 - 1 victory."

 Crista Cullen celebrates a goal for Great Britain women at the Visa International Invitational Hockey Tournament at the Riverbank Arena

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Behind the scenes on Olympic Park

With the GB women having moved into the Olympic Village on July 23rd, we caught up with Helen Richardson, Georgie Twigg and Nicola White to find out what village life is like and the various habits of some of their teammates...

HR: It’s pretty incredible. You’re in accommodation with all the other members of the British team and everyone is really open to interacting and congratulating each other on their success. But at the same time there is a mutual respect and recognition that you’re there to do a job – you’re given enough space to focus on your own preparation. Olympic room

GT: My brother has made it very clear that if I see Usain Bolt I’m to go
over and get his autograph for him. I’m not sure if I’ll be brave enough

NW: We share rooms, and most of our pairings are pretty settled,
although obviously it depends on selection and may change from
tournament to tournament. The playing schedule at the Olympics is
pretty intense, so we’ll try and relax and unwind as much as possible
when we’re not playing.

NW: We know that there will be a fair bit of that to do at this Olympics.
Because we’re on home turf. Generally it will be Kate [Walsh] as she’s
skipper, or one of the other senior girls, but we all quite enjoy it if we get asked.

HR: It depends on what time your game is as to how you spend your day, but generally the key is to stay as relaxed as you can before a match. Our dressing room is quite quiet really, we don’t have music or anything because we like to give people the freedom to prepare how they want – the girls who want music, Alex Danson’s one, can stick the headphones on while those who want a bit of quiet can get that as well.

GT: There won’t be any during the Olympics, we play right the way through the two weeks, we’re not like other athletes who finish early and get to kick back and enjoy themselves! Afterwards we might do something, although hopefully not spending the day with the Royal Marines like we’ve done in the past…

HR: That was hideous. I actually went into hypoglycaemic shock during it!

NW: Yeah, let’s not do that. A spa day gets my vote, or a big meal where we just take over the whole restaurant – we’re pretty good at those…


Kill time on Twitter
GT: Me! Easily!

Make mischief in the dressing room
NW: Sally Walton. She’s been known to hide the odd thing…

Read a book
HR: Kirsty Mackay. She reads a book before the game; she’ll take herself off into the shower section and settle herself down.

Bump into someone they know
HR: Alex Danson. Never go down to breakfast with her. You’ll be walking along together and then two seconds later you’ll have lost her because she’s chatting to someone she knows.

Have the messiest room
NW: Me – but it’s a tidy kind of messy, honest!

If you want to find out more about the players, click here to view their individual profiles.

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