Rising Stars...London 2012 Ambition Programme

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Over the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games, some of Great Britain’s rising stars will be involved in the Team GB Olympic Ambition programme. Hockey’s representatives are athletes (pictured above left to right) David Condon, Susannah Townsend, Maddie Hinch and Andy Bull  and coaches Nick Beasant and Rich Beer.

Andy Bull explains more...

“The GB Olympic ambition programme is compiled of a group of around 180 people, with 130 being players and 50 being coaches. The first meeting of the Ambition programme was over a two day stopover at Loughborough University where the Team GB preparation camp was being held. Upon arrival we were greeted by helpers as well as the well renowned mascot, Pride the lion. After we had all checked in and arrived there was some time for a couple of ice breakers in order to get better acquainted with fellow athletes and coaches alike.

“Throughout the first day there were a number of seminars and talks held by the staff as well as some special guests. A talk from Sir Clive Woodward demonstrated the importance of the One Team GB philosophy as well as showing some good insight into all different aspects of what being a top level athlete is all about. This theme was carried on through the day.  There were seminars ranging from health and nutrition to social media. I found that each of the talks demonstrated various information that must be taken into account upon the road to becoming a top level athlete and were all very useful.
“Day two brought about a different theme. With the torch set to come through Loughborough University, we were told that as the GB Ambition programme, we would be part of the parade that brought the torch through the campus and then provide a guard for the torch as it made its final stop at the Team GB Headquarters. This was a great privilege to be part of the final journey that the torch has been making for the past several months and to be a part of the guard for the torch was an honour also.

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Following on from the torch relay, we were then given the opportunity to have a tour around the kitting out experience that all athletes competing in the games would go through. It was a great experience to see where all the athletes would go and what they would get from being kitted out. Needless to say, there was a lot of kit!

 “I found that over the first two days of the GB ambition programme we have all learned a lot, not only from the variety of talks we have had but also going through certain experiences such as the kitting out and I am looking forward to the next GB Ambition Camp.”

The Programme, which is being supported by Proud Partner of London 2012 Lloyds TSB, will give the young and talented British athletes and coaches a unique opportunity to experience the Olympic Games environment at first hand this summer.

The Programme focuses on preparing the athletes and coaches to compete at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games or the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It aims to provide personal development and inspiration to the participants and produce a performance legacy for Team GB from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Already during the Programme, as Andy mentioned, all athletes and coaches have visited Team GB’s Preparation Camp at Loughborough University, where they took part in kitting out and experienced a multi-sport preparation environment.

Shortly, the participants will travel to London where they will visit the Olympic Village, watch two Olympic competition sessions and experience the atmosphere at Team GB House in Westfield Stratford City.

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